STI Professional Services

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Benefits To Clients

  • Guaranteed quality candidates: Client receives highest quality personnel that produce superior employee performance for their product and project. Client saves time knowing STI has performed all screening on candidates. The fear of what if the employee may not work out is removed. Our clients focus their energy on their project on hand without worrying about employees.
  • 24/7 client service: Client has access to our 24/7 Client Service / Sales staff beyond and above our normal business hours in case of emergency service required by our clients. STI realizes due to the nature of our client’s business, our employees are assigned to our client’s critical project needs.
  • Quality of work: Quality of work produced by our staff is superior due to well-qualified and experienced employees.
  • Peace of mind from liability: STI provides its clients peace of mind by protecting against any unfortunate professional liability if it occurs. STI employees are covered for Professional liability, Employee dishonesty/crime coverage, in addition to general liability insurance. This eliminates risk for our clients due to unexpected professional liability or misconduct of any employee.
  • No Legal Risk: Client has no legal and employee management risk.
  • Terminate any time : Our client has the option of eliminating any of STI employees at anytime without any legal liability
  • No expense after termination: STI pays for unemployment for STI employees after they are terminated, that is a cost saved for our clients.
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